Moses Kuria's 2022 Plan That Will Frustrate Ruto's Presidential Bid

  • Moses Kuria has revealed a new plan for Mt.Kenya that will frustrate Ruto's presidential bid File
  • Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has revealed that Mt.Kenya region will field its own presidential candidate in 2022. 

    The MP was speaking after a church service at Kerugoya St. Thomas Anglican Cathedral in Kirinyaga County on Sunday.

    “We are deliberating on how to have our own to become the next president,” stated Kuria on Sunday.

    "We are not going to let the presidency go, we can't give out the loaves of bread and the bakery at the same time," he added.

    Moses Kuria addressing the press in Kirinyaga County on 26/05/19

    To add fuel to the fire, Kuria revealed that the region will form its own political party for its preferred candidate. 

    The news couldn't be any worse for Deputy President Ruto who has spent a lot of time campaigning in the mountain region. 

    In addition to that, he has launched many multi-million shilling projects in the area in a bid to secure the vote-rich region.  

    Kuria was accompanied by Kirinyaga Senator Charles Kibiru and Woman Rep, Wangui Ngirici. 

    The Central Kenya politician, also disclosed that members of the Tanga-tanga and Kieleweke factions were coming together around his plan.

    The legislator also called for the government to let farmers themselves manage the coffee industry in Kenya. 

    Coffee is a major cash crop in Kirinyaga and farmers have been raking losses and are burdened with bank loans they can not repay due to the low returns from the crop. 

    Deputy President William Ruto speaking at a fundraiser in Nyeri in 2018