City Building Demolished 2 Days After Sonko's Threat

  • An image of a building with broken windows photographed during ongoing demolitions on 27/5/2019 Facebook
  • Several businesses along Nairobi's Kenyatta Avenue, on Monday, came to a halt after the demolition of a car wash and stalls on land that was previously occupied by Simmers Club.

    It is alleged that the Nairobi County Government had a hand in the demolition of the popular car wash known as 'Pimp My Ride'

    The garage is said to have been demolished on grounds that it was an illegal structure.

    “We were told to pack up things and get out and within minutes they started breaking the doors and windows,” a stall owner told Nairobi News.

    An excavator demolishes the Pimp My Ride garage on Kenyatta Avenue on 27/5/19

    Two days ago, Nairobi County Governor, Mike Mbuvi Sonko was filmed threatening to demolish a car wash in the city belonging to a man who is claimed to have been behind the demolition of a church and school in Buruburu.

    “After calling the OCPD, he called me and we know him, they have car wash business at the previous Simmers club area without approval. 

    "His car wash will be demolished the same way he has demolished the school,” the Governor stated.

    On Saturday, Sonko jumped to the defense of Buruburu residents who were being attacked by an armed gang that had been sent to unlawfully demolish a church and school in Buruburu phase 4.

    Acting on a tip-off, Sonko went to the site where he confronted the goons hired by a private developer.

    They were armed with pangas, axes and other machinery to facilitate the demolition of the church.

    “This is a heinous act. Where on earth can one demolish a church and grab land? We cannot allow this to happen in Nairobi. We must respect human beings regardless of their status whether rich or poor," he added.

    Speaking to, Sonko through his communication director, Elkana Jacob stated that full county laws will be applied when it comes to acquiring land.

    "For land grabbers and those erecting their structures illegally without following due county processes, full county laws will be applied.

    We must all respect county laws regardless of how rich or connected one is," he stated.

    The three gangsters arrested during the Bururburu crackdown on 25/5/19