Kenyans Worried as Chinese Invade Gikomba Market

  • A screenshot of the story of the Chinese in Gikomba Twitter
  • Kenyans took to social media to react to a story on the cover page of the Business Daily that explained how the Chinese were taking over small scale trades in Nairobi’s Gikomba, Nyamakima and Kamukunji markets.

    Most of the netizens expressed worry over the Chinese invasion into small scale trade which they termed to as having been reserved for the common mwananchi.

    Kenyans also noted that the Chinese were posing a threat to the economy as they were sending the profits from their businesses back home and not reinvesting into the Kenyan economy as the Kenyans would do.

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    Kenyans react to the Chinese in Gikomba story

    Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jnr noted that at this rate, Kenyans might end up having a Chinese run for elected office and winning.

    Recently while heading to Zambia I was sitting next to a Chinese family. I couldn’t help but think, 50 yrs from now history will look at China’s Xi favorably for doing all he could to empower his people, while ours did all he could to sell our sovereignty to the highest bidder,” wrote Nick Migwi.

    Hosea Kinyua stated that some of the Chinese had acquired Kenyan citizenship and would easily register as voters thus have the numbers to elect one of their own to political office at any time.

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    State Capture in its purest form,” noted Mundia Njoroge.

    Others saw the funny side of the whole situation and went on to make fun of the Chinese.

    Kidogo kidogo ni hao mtaani wakizunguka na bicycle ya kusharpen kisu na kurepair umbrellas (soon you’ll find them in the estates on bicycles sharpening knives and repairing umbrellas)," noted another Kenyan.

    A Kenyan Concerned by a Chinese presidency in Kenya

    Others thought it was fair for the Chinese to try their luck in Kenya as Kenyan citizens have also travelled abroad to other countries in search of a better living.

    But we are proud of our "Kenyan" senator in Australia and even Obama. Doesn't a good rule cut both ways?” asked Mwalimu Njoroge.

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