Commotion as Fake Auctioneers Raid City Restaurant

  • Chaos ensued at a city restaurant on Wednesday afternoon after a gang of five men raided the establishment in a bid to shut it down.

    The men claimed to have been sent after the owner of Kaldis Coffee House along Kimathi Street in Nairobi defaulted on a debt that he owed.

    Diners who were having lunch had to scamper for safety as the ‘auctioneer’ descended on the facility and began throwing furniture on to the street.

    The management of the restaurant cried foul questioning the authenticity of the raid as the said individuals did not have any form of identification or police escort.

    They just stormed here without warning and started harassing our customers, claiming they are auctioneers. When we asked for their identification they started panicking,” one of the restaurant’s staff narrated.

    The video showed the said ‘auctioneers’ start a fight using the chairs that had been placed outside the establishment as scared customers tried to flee.

    Nation reported that it took the intervention of security officers from the nearby Ronalo restaurant to chase the invaders.

    This comes a few days after another group of auctioneers raided the lake Nakuru national park in search of assets belonging to the Kenya Wildlife Service.

    Vehicles belonging to the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) worth estimated tens of millions of shillings were attached to an auctioneer.

    The vehicles were attached after a court awarded a farmer compensation of over Ksh31 million when wild animals descended on his farm after damaging the eight-strand barbed wire fence and grazed on the over 1,600 hectares of wheat and 400 hectares of barley.

    Below is the video courtesy of Nairobi News: