Angry Uhuru Blasts Tanga Tanga MPs In Front of Ruto [VIDEO]

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta on Sunday went on an angry rant during an annual General Conference of the Akorino Churches Assembly at Moi International Sports Centre, Kasarani. 

    He was accompanied by Deputy President William Ruto and a host of Jubilee MPs as well as other politicians.

    After giving a brief speech in Swahili, Uhuru switched to Kikuyu and explained that he wanted to have a talk with members of his community, a message he vowed he would take to the grassroots very soon. 

    During the tongue-lashing, the president was careful not to mention names but he made it clear that he was speaking about certain political leaders. 

    "I want to leave this country a peaceful nation where anyone can travel anywhere to do business without fear and go back home to their family with what they have earned," President Kenyatta started.

    "I have chosen to speak vernacular and I'll go around repeating the same. Some of the thugs that you people elected should not mistake me for a little boy to play with. They will not stand in the way that I have chosen and where I want to take this nation," he went on.

    "They keep going around the country but they should know they didn't give me any votes, I am the one who campaigned for them. 

    "You (the people) gave me the mandate to lead this country and that is what I stand by until I finish the job. Have you heard me, my people?" he asked  4 times repeatedly, with his voice getting louder every time. 

    "These idiots should stop bothering me with..." Uhuru cut himself short trying to calm down. "I want peace and I'll look for it wherever it may be found so that even 50 years from now, people will go about their business anywhere they want. 

    "My silence makes the think's just that I said I don't want to talk politics...let them not mistake my silence to mean they have power over me. I will flush them out of those places that they go to, just wait and see." Uhuru vowed.

    "Even if you are an honorable member. You should go back to your constituents and develop the area with the money you have been given. Don't go around the country telling people how you will rise to power. You will go nowhere without Kenyans," he thundered.

    "They just make noise for me every day because they have been written about in the media. Let us work, build schools connect homes to the electricity grid, build hospitals and light neighborhoods so our mothers can sell vegetables even at night. Let us build police stations to enhance security. These are what Kenyans need, not you running your mouth all the time taking us round in circles," the Head of State challenged. 

    "Sorry for talking in anger but I saw the chance and took it. I'm speaking before God and I know he supports the things I've said; to work for our people. Not traversing the country intimidating others." Uhuru told the congregation.

    "Are we together? Do you support my call for getting to work? What about development? Do you support unity?  " the president asked to which the Akorino faithful responded in the affirmative. 

    "May God bless you and also this countr," he concluded his fiery speech. 

    Watch President Kenyatta lash out at Tanga Tanga MPs.