7 Controversial Tweets & Retweets by Officer Who Shared Photos of Dead Police

  • A selfie picture police warder of Patrick Safari File
  • Few people knew of the existence of one prison warder, Patrick Safari, until he was arrested for allegedly sending gory pictures of Wajir IED attack on police officers to blogger Robert Alai.

    Taking a look at his tweets, one notices a number of posts that are controversial and directly target the police service.

    The first one is where he retweeted activist Boniface Mwangi’s tweet questioning the DCI and the National Police Service on when Majority Leader in the National Assembly Aden Duale would be charged, on an unstated incident.

    Police warder Patrick Safari

    It also accuses the DCI and NPS of being used by politicians to harass police who they send to "die in a useless war". It further called upon any officer or whistleblower who had more pictures to share, to do and they would be published.

    In another tweet, he defended Robert Alai against being arrested. Patrick claimed that the blogger wasn’t the source of the grisly photos he had shared. He further revealed that the photos must have originated from an angry police officer involved in the operation, who shared them to expose the rot in the service and to express their disappointments.

    Patrick also retweeted Boniface’s tweet calling upon the release of Alai, stating that the police officer who shared the picture was right to do so. Boniface angrily tore down on politicians who were allegedly trafficking sugar and charcoal in Somalia. He further claimed that the financiers and protectors of terrorists were part of the government.

    The prison warder seems to love retweeting Mwangi’s posts. Another retweet on his handle is by the activist which aggressively criticizes the government for transporting the bodies of the dead police officers without decorum.

    The fifth is his original tweet which targets the police service for allegedly mishandling Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles, & Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs) given to them by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    "President Kenyatta handed over Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles, & Armoured Personnel Carriers(APCs) to NPS to be deployed to the terror prone areas. Sadly, almost all of them have stalled due to lack of tyres & fuel forcing our officers to us ordinary land cruisers," Safari wrote.

    Safari's tweet

    Perhaps being the most controversial of all is his tweet calling upon senior police officers to fire those responsible for logistics failures which as per him, cause the death of junior officers. Patrick demanded an answer from his bosses.

    The seventh one is a retweet of lawyer Donald Kipkorir's tweet questioning why police use Toyota or Landrover Pick-ups which are prone to IED explosive devices, instead of using Armoured Personnel Carriers that were bought or gifted to Kenya by US & China.

    Prior to his arrest, the prison warder further posted a tweet informing the public that detectives wanted to arrest him alleging that he had shared the gruesome pictures with the blogger.

    After being arrested on Tuesday night, he was arraigned in court on Wednesday alongside Alai. Police told the court that the photos posted on Twitter were taken by an Al-Shabaab sympathiser at the scene of the attack and sent to the duo.

    Safari's tweet