Aisha Jumwa Calls for Arrest of All Pregnant Teenagers

  • Malindi Member of Parliament, Aisha Jumwa on Friday called for the arrest of teenage boys who impregnate girls as well as the girls who get pregnant.

    The MP, who was speaking at the annual Malindi Education celebrations in Barani Secondary School, stated the move was to ensure equal punishment for both offenders so as to curb the early pregnancy menace.

    This is because both parties are equal offenders in engaging in unlawful sexual behaviors.

    "One problem here is when a teenage girl is impregnated, lawful action is only taken on the boy. I would like to say that the law is a double sided sword that cuts both ways when the girl accepts to take part in sexual activities, lawful action should be taken on the both of you," highlighted the MP.

    "The girl should raise her baby in prison and the boy should also serve his term so that you put an end to this uncouth behavior," she clarified.

    She went ahead to bash the girl child warning that they should stop pretending to be the victims with claims that they were deceived.

    "You pretend to be a little girl claiming that he lied to me, he gave Ksh50, why didn't you turn down the offer or better still, dispose of it in the toilet," mimicked the MP.

    She went ahead to suggest that the law should be amended so that when a girl's parents demand that the boy who impregnated the girl take responsibility for the pregnancy, the girl should also be arrested.

    Jumwa went ahead to assure students and residents she would see to it that parliament passes a law for all those who perform well and had no means to go to high school to be fully sponsored by the government.