Shaffie Weru Opens Up to Betty Kyallo How Thugs Wiped His House Clean

  • Kiss FM presenter Shaffie Weru opened up to K24 TV anchor Betty Kyallo about a time thugs broke into his house and stole all his possessions.

    While appearing as a guest on the Upclose With Betty segment, the outspoken entertainer revealed that he was visiting the US at the time the incident occurred three years ago.

    He further explained that the thugs took away all his possessions including his impressive collection of shoes from high-end brands.

    "Let me tell you, one time three years ago I went to to the States and a week before I got back, Beatrice (a woman he lives with) called me and told me that thugs had broken into the house and stole everything.

    "They stole everything including all my shoes, watches and TV," he emotionally told Kyallo.

    He further disclosed that he got some of the shoes from the US cost to the tune of Ksh 35,000 shillings per pair.

    "My favorite shoes are my Bugatti boots. They are real Bugatti and very few people own them. They cost me around $350 (Ksh 35,000)," he further flaunted displaying another pair he had acquired for Ksh 20,000.

    While on the show, the self-proclaimed Secretary-General of Team Mafisi also unveiled Beatrice as the most important woman in his life while admitting he was not about to settle down soon.

    Beatrice is the woman who takes care of his house and one of his daughters and spends Monday through Fridays at his house before visiting her mother on weekends.

    Here is the video courtesy of K24TV: