Top Kenyan Trends on Friday July 12, 2019

  • As is usually the case, Kenyans on Friday were at it again having a field day on social media. Most of them weighed in on the hot trending topics of the day including:

    1. Andrew Kibe

    Radio personality Andrew Kibe, who is known for his controversial statements on sex-related topics, left the public in awe after spitting amazing wisdom. 

    Appearing on Citizen TV’s morning Day Break show, Kibe excited a majority of Kenyans with his profound insights on friendship and social circles.

    Kibe insisted that friendship was overrated and that it is all about convenience.

    He asserted that people befriend each other simply because they have needs that they hope their counterpart can satisfy.

    Once that need is over, Kibe vowed that the friend will disappear faster than you could realise.

    “I am not a true friend…there are some things if one does then I draw the line. Who you are is based on what I need We are all using each other for the moment that we have,” he explained.

    Kibe’s reasoning seemed to boil down well with most Kenyans on social media, who praised him for speaking nothing but the truth. 

    Kibe was Kamene Goro’s co-host on NRG Radio before the two made an abrupt attempt to move to Kiss 100 for the morning show. 

    However, their move was blocked by a court case following a breach of contract with NRG Radio. 

    2. Fareed Kimani & Amina Abdi

    On Friday morning, Capital FM radio listeners were treated to a rather shocking altercation on air between the morning show hosts, Fareed Khimani and Amina Abdi.

    Reports suggest that a nasty argument ensued between the co-hosts after Fareed sought to find out why Amina was looking moody to which she launched a tirade against him.

    According to the listeners, Amina may have stumbled upon Fareed’s paycheck and was not particularly happy with the gap in their salaries.

    It is then that he clarified he had been a radio host longer than his co-host hence the fatter paycheck.

    Furthermore, Fareed allegedly threatened to leave the station if the issue was not solved, adding that it was not a must he works with Amina. 

    Not taking his explanation kindly, Amina who’s been at the Lonrho House-based station longer reportedly insulted Fareed.

    The altercation elicited mixed reactions with some social media users questioning whether the fight was real or was just another stunt to increase their listenership.

    Fareed recently came back to Capital FM following radio presenter Maqbul Mohammed’s exit. Amina also doubles up as the host of NTV’s The Trend show which she took over from BBC journalist Larry Madowo.

    3. Esther Passaris

    Nairobi Woman Representative, Esther Passaris, was at the end of a barrage of tweets, following an online Q&A session that took a turn for the worse on Thursday. 

    Even though the incident happened the previous day, most Kenyans could not help but continue bashing the woman rep for what they termed as persistent abuse of the office that she holds.

    It all started after a user, Imani, questioned the leader on what she had done for her constituents.

    "Esther, we elected you to fix those things you’re talking about. It’s been nearly two years, what institutional changes have you proposed so far?" Imani posed.

    Passaris went on the offensive, referring to Imani as a two-year-old, going on to add that it was not her job to fix everyone's' problems.

    "If you expected me to fix it all because you elected me, you expected far too much amid all the 'confusion'. I can't fix what you yourself don't aspire to fix. Next time you vote, think twice," the woman rep responded.

    This elicited hundreds of angry reactions from netizens, but Passaris stood her ground, returning fiery tweets with equal, if not greater measure. 

    "Ask your father and mother what they think of me. You might learn a thing or two about women including your own mother, wife, sister, daughter. Hopefully, you will learn that sex is overrated as an income earner," she responded to a tweet questioning her character.

    4. Afcon semi-finals

    The ongoing 32nd edition of the Africa Cup of Nations is now at its peak even as the qualifying countries prepare for the oncoming semi-final matches. 

    With the betting craze witnessed in the country, these Confederation of African Football organized games has left fans with sleepless nights trying to offer support and mine AFCON 2019 semi-finals tips and predictions.
    The semi-finals will be held on Sunday, July 14th (both kick-off times GMT):

    Senegal will face Tunisia at 30 June Stadium, Cairo (1600).

    At Cairo International Stadium, Algeria will square it up against  Nigeria (1900).

    The tournament, which started on 21st June, is scheduled to end on  July 19th, 2019.

    5. Githeri man

    Martin Kamotho, alias Githeri man, who shot to fame after a picture of him carrying githeri went viral during the August 2017 elections, hit the headlines again this week.

    Githeriman was awarded the Head of State Commendation on December 12, 2017, during the 54th Jamhuri Day celebrations.

    Presidential awards are given in recognition of outstanding or distinguished services rendered to the nation, in various capacities and responsibilities by Kenyans of good repute.

    However, Githeri man appeared to have had trouble living up to the expectations that come with the recognition and status.

    An image of him being carried on a cart, reportedly drunk, surfaced on the internet on Wednesday. Kenyans castigated him for allegedly falling back to his old ways even after going through rehabilitation.