Foreigner Defrauded of Ksh150M Seeks Release of His Travel Documents

  • A Kazakhstan Passport File
  • Ryskulov Damir, a Kazakstan citizen who was allegedly defrauded of Ksh150 million by two Kenyans, moved to court to plead for the release of his passport.

    In an affidavit filed at the Chief Magistrate’s Court in Nairobi, Damir stated that he was willing to abide by any conditions the court may issue, in order to secure the release of his documents.

    He made it clear that as a complainant in the case, the confiscation of his passport without a court order, or any viable explanation was unlawful, inhumane as well as degrading.

    Milimani Law Courts in Nairobi

    The Kazakhstan national explained that his passport was confiscated by DCI detectives, who claimed to be investigating the matter, but have not been heard from since.

    Damir had come to conduct business before he was conned by two Kenyans, two of whom were arrested.

    “Together with my brother, Yerlan Baimoldin, also a businessman, we entered into a business agreement with some Kenyans who said they would export to us Kenyan Tea, coffee and artefacts for which they informed us that they are licensed to deal in such export business,” read Damir’s application.

    The businessman said that they trusted the swindlers and banked large sums of money into the accounts they had been furnished with, amounting to Ksh150 million.

    He said the money was banked through his brother Yerlan’s account, to the suspects’ various accounts which are still under investigation by the police

    Damir has since complained of his misfortunes, following the confiscation of his passport, stating he has been unable to access various basic amenities and services.

    "Although I am the aggrieved party who came to this country in good faith to pursue justice, I am the one who is now suffering the consequences of the same," Damir complained.

    "The actions of the officers have effectively caused me to be confined in detention at the hotel, as I cannot move around without an ID, nor choose where I want to stay, or what I want to eat as I am restricted to the hotel menu," he added

    Damir affirmed that he was willing to abide by any conditions that the court may impose for the release of his personal documents.

    DCI Headquarters in Nairobi