Officer Shot Through Head by Suspect in Deadly Arrow Attack

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  • Police Constable Luka Ndambo was, on Friday, Killed after a murder suspect reportedly shot an arrow through his head in Kwale county.

    The Star reports that several armed officers raided the home of the suspect namely Tsuma Nzombo at Kinagoni area within Samburu location about 25kms east of the station, but he refused to take orders before turning on them.

    The officers were led to the suspect's homestead by two informants and upon arrival, introduced themselves.

    However, according to OB 02/09/07/20 at Taru police station in Kwale, a woman believed to be the wife of the suspect opened the door and Nzombo immediately took cover behind her before attacking the officers.

    A man holds a bow and arrows

    The suspect, who had taken cover behind her aimed an arrow at the officers hitting APC Luka Ndambo on the forehead where it lodged,” the OB read.

    Officers fired in the air to warn the suspect to surrender but he became more violent and continued to shoot more arrows at the officers, however, he was fatally injured,” the OB further stated.

    Constable Ndambo was pronounced dead upon arrival at Mariakani sub-county hospital.

    Those who were in the raid included corporal Samwel Kiplangat Ngetich, constables Josephat Rotich, George Omondi, Justus Chimbevo, Luka Ndambo and Alex Kimani, who was also injured on the right hand and the right eye by a stray bullet.

    The injured officer was admitted at Mariakani hospital but was in a stable condition by the time this article was published.

    The body of the officer was removed to Jocham hospital mortuary, while the body of suspect was moved to Kinango sub-county hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem.

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