Kenyan Man Wins Teacher of the Year Award in US

  • A Kenyan teacher, Martin Mburu, was voted the 2019 district teacher of the year in Clarendon School district 1 in South Carolina, US.

    The teacher attended the Kenya Technical Training College, Egerton University and Kenyatta University where he pursued special education.

    Mburu relocated to the US 10 years ago and has emerged among the top-performers in the very coveted title of the Teacher of The Year, with over 60,000 participants in the state of South Carolina.

    He was voted for his outstanding use of technology in the classroom and motivating his students.

    The champion uses green screen technology, animation, flipped classroom, 3D technology, podcasting, computer programming, virtual reality (Visiting Masai Mara by virtual reality technology and watching people in streets of Nairobi!) and making music videos among other teaching strategies that help nurture great relationship with students.

    The award does not end there as it has opened the way for more competition.

    Mburu will be contesting for the state of South Carolina teacher of the year at the end of the school calendar.