Camera Catches 2 Thugs Breaking Into Car in Broad Daylight

  • A personal camera, on Thursday, captured suspects during a gutsy daylight heist at a popular supermarket's parking lot.

    In what can be seen to be a highly coordinated operation, the thug (donning a blue jacket), proceeded to ravage through a Nissan X-trail.

    The clip, which showed a section of the Naivas South C supermarkets' parking lot, also revealed that the thief had an accomplice nearby.

    The unidentified second suspect was recorded receiving the loot taken from the x-trail, while seated on the front passenger side of a Toyota Probox parked right next to the target vehicle.

    The lead burglar was then pictured pretending to answer a call while circling the target vehicle one last time, before going back in through the right back-door.

    He ransacked the car for one last time before linking up with his partner in crime, in their getaway vehicle.

    A recent report carried out by The Standard indicated that even as manufacturers improve the security systems of cars, like the introduction of keyless entry, thieves are also improving their skills and technology at an equal, if not faster rate.

    Having a keyless car may seem fancy, with most modern cars having a fob instead of a key, they are equally susceptible to theft.

    The alarming report disclosed that a thief can buy a jammer in the back streets or rent one for just Ksh 5,000 per job. 

    Typically, the thief will be loitering around a parking lot waiting for cars to pull in, as the driver walks away, the thief then activates his jammer, just before the driver presses his fob to lock the car.

    However, the suspect in the South C parking lot heist seems to have just tried out several of the doors until he landed on one which gave way.

    See the video of the heist below: