EXCLUSIVE: Inside Moses Kuria’s Newly Formed Party

  • On Thursday night, Gatundu South MP, Moses Kuria, launched his own party, Transformational National Alliance Party.

    Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke on phone, Kuria enthusiastically stated that he is looking forward to challenging the top parties and he is confident that his party will have an impact on the country's politics.

    “This will be the biggest party in Kenya after 2022,” Kuria stated.

    The party’s Secretary-General, Arnold Maliba, stated that the party will form the next government.

    “In any case in 2022 TNA is confident to clinch 18 Governors, 18 Senators, 18 Women Reps, 100 MPs and 400 MCAs.

    “This will enable the party to demand 8 Cabinet Secretaries, 16 Permanent Secretaries, 40 Ambassadors, 80 Parastatal Chairmen, 80 Parastatal CEOs and 800 Parastatal Directors," Maliba stated. 

    The party also looks forward to including the youth, women and the marginalised.

    “80% of these elective and appointive positions will be given to Youth, Women & Persons Living with Disability while 70% of them will go to people from poor backgrounds. Usibahatishe. Join TNA today," Maliba urged.

    The party picked their provisional certificate from the registrar of political parties on Friday. 

    Apart from Arnold Maliba (Secretary-General), other party's officials are Wachira Keen (National Chairman), Yassir Noor (National Vice Chairman), Susan Mwania (Treasurer), Agnes Ibara (Organising Secretary-General), Joshua Nyamori (Deputy Treasurer), GG Kagombe (Executive Director), and Josiah Murigu (Director of Communications). 

    Kuria is still a Jubille Party member. 

    Kuria alongside Mike Sonko has been campaigning for the rights of the local mwananchi dubbed 'Wanjiku'.