Sonko Spills Beans on Ken Okoth's Secret 'Family'

  • On Thursday, Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko, went on a rant on how the late Ken Okoth’s second and secret 'wife', Ann Thumbi, had threatened to stop the deceased’s burial unless her son, that she reportedly sired with Ken, was recognised.

    Sonko exposed the details after the media went awash with the reports.

    Sonko dropped the bombshell at Moi Girls, Nairobi, in front of Ken’s widow, Monica Okoth, his brother Imran Okoth and top leaders like ODM leader, Raila Odinga and other leaders.

    “Let me reveal details of Ken having a child with another woman. There is nothing we want from family and parliament as we have the ability to sponsor Ken’s child education until he finishes.

    “In 2013, Ken invited me to medical camp at Kibra. I was with the Sonko rescue team and as a governor, let me say the truth. There were beautiful nurses belonging to my rescue team and Ken loved a girl known as Ann Thumbi alias Anita," Sonko revealed amid cheers from the crowd and sombre mood from Ken’s wife Monica and brother Imran.

    “I am a witness to this. I will have wronged Ken by keeping quiet on it because I know the truth. They were going out, and even the last time they were in France together. I sympathise with Monica, I know she is a widow during this difficult moment, but let me talk the truth,” Sonko stated.

    A surprised Ida Odinga could not hold her laughter back, as she engaged Suba South MP John Mbadi in a whisper.

    “I remember, in the 2017 elections, Ken asked me as a friend to nominate his other wife as Nairobi MCA. I did so out of respect out for him.

    “Ken is being buried while his son is suffering. I pray recognition on behalf of Ken Okoth’s wife,” Sonko divulged.

    Sonko noted that Ann had even gone to court to stop Ken Okoth's burial.

    “The wife went to stop the burial and I asked her not to do so because I will recognise the kid, whether people want it or not. She even visited Ken’s mum, together with the kid and they shared happy moments together.

    "President Uhuru Kenyatta passed a bill on men marrying more women. I also have two women. It’s not wrong,” Sonko left people in stitches and in surprise.

    Sonko further took to his Facebook page to drop other key secret details on the secret family, claiming Ann was restricted from viewing Ken's body at Lee Funeral Home.

    "On 5th of July 2019, as the Governor of Nairobi, I received a text from one of Anita's colleagues who said Anita was emotionally down and worried about the health of her son's father, Ken Okoth. The MP out of paternal love for his son had reportedly called her to ask her to take care of their son. She then appealed to me to help them fly to Paris to visit the ailing Ken after ambassador Judy Wakhungu posted a picture of the late MP in a Paris hospital. 

    "On the 6th I obliged to her appeal and asked them to send me copies of their passports. I proceeded to pay two tickets for the two to travel and also booked a hotel in Paris. Fortunately, A few days later, as we waited for their Visa processing, MCA Doris, a colleague of Anita, sent me a text saying Okoth had returned to Kenya but appeared very weak. Thus the Paris trip was aborted. 

    "My humble appeal is that even as we prepare to bury Ken, let's not forget his son. He too needs and has a right to participate in the send-off of his beloved dad. As such, it’s our duty to protect the right of the child. As a leader, I offer my support to the family of the late Ken as they undergo a difficult moment of mourning a husband, a father, a son, and a brother. The family should accept that Ken's son enjoys legal protection and recognition too," Sonko declared in his post.

    On Thursday, the court halted Okoth's cremation or burial following a petition filed by Anne. 

    Speaking through her (Ann Thumbi) lawyer,  Elkanah Mogakak, Thumbi claimed that she was denied a place at Moi Girls on Thursday, as family, friends and leaders celebrated Ken Okoth.

    "What else could we have done? There will be no funeral until the matter is settled in court on August 9, 2019," Elkanah declared. 

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