How Ruto Called Out Itumbi Over Fake News

  • Digital Innovations and Diaspora Communications Secretary, Dennis Itumbi, once got in trouble after Deputy President William Ruto called him out for a tweet he had posted. 

    It was on September 25, 2012, and at the time, the digital revolution had just started to get popular among politicians.

    Facebook and Twitter were hitherto just social platforms for people to explore. 

    The blogger had posted a get well soon message to the DP, which made people believe he was sick.

    However, Ruto denied the claims and called out Itumbi as well as a blog, Daily Post, accusing them of spreading false news. 

    "I have seen a post on the Kenyan Daily Post as well as a tweet from Ole Itumbi saying that I have been admitted to hospital. That is untrue," posted Ruto.

    Two days later, the deputy president, in a surprise move, posted on his Facebook that he had been hospitalised.

    The post caused confusion as to why he would blast the blogger and turn up sick just days after.

    In his own admission, Ruto announced, "Last night was very very long at my hospital bed! To see sick people, like me, in pain in, or being turned away from hospital is really hell on earth!"

    "Someone should tell the minister for medical services to stop the careless or reckless may be barbaric even criminal ''peremende'' talk he is engaged in as people suffer I pain and die.

    "GoK should engage our doctors and nurses and get them back to work if there is still one out there!," the deputy president blasted the then Medical Services Minister, Anyang' Nyong'o.

    The peremende remarks were aimed at the current Kisumu governor, who had compared doctors to “spoilt children” demanding sweets.