Lilian Muli Recounts 3 of Her Most Memorable Interviews

  • Citizen TV news anchor, Lilian Muli, during a past interview with Malkia Africa, narrated three memorable interviews that she has done since she started her career.

    In the interview, the celebrated news anchor recounted a time she interviewed Congolese musician, Kofi Olomide, after he assaulted one of his dancers at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

    "I was in studio when he kicked one of his dancers at the airport and I found myself at the awkward position of asking him why he did it.

    "That was memorable because he came into studio but I had interviewed him about a month before and we had this very nice interview, we danced, we were happy and then he came into studio again and thought, this is my friend so it's not going to be a hostile interview," she narrated.

    Lilian also narrated of a time she had to interview Raila Odinga's wife, Ida Odinga, during a time she was mourning her son, the late Fidel Odinga.

    She stated that during the time, Mama Ida had retreated at her home in Bondo and had refused to be interviewed by any media house.

    Lilian added that it took a lot of persuasion from her team, to get Ida to do the interview.

    "We pursued and pursued... eventually she did agree to an interview and we went to her home in Bondo. She got to reveal a side about her that was so pure, so real, that every other woman, whether from Kibera or from Kileleshwa or from Karen could relate to.

    "She said that for the first time in her life, everything ceased to matter. I remember her saying that no mother should ever bury her child," Lilian divulged.

    The other interview that is still fresh in the mind of the news anchor, is when she got to talk to Lupita Nyong'o after winning an oscar.

    "That was a great opportunity for me because I got to talk to her right after that huge moment. She spoke in Luo and she even greeted the people back home," she recounted.

    Below is the video courtesy of Malkia Africa;