Vanessa Mdee Opens Up About Her Illness on Citizen TV

  • The 2nd episode of East Africa's Got Talent aired on Sunday and it was simply marvellous with an array of talent being presented on our screens.

    From jugglers, dance crews, singers and stunt performers, the talent was explosive, to say the least.

    Some performances were hard to believe, with some moments requiring a double-take to confirm that they actually happened.

    Here are some acts that really stood out.

    Mark Angachi, who was born with cataracts and had been diagnosed with acute leukaemia, had the most inspiring story of the night. 

    He walked up to the stage and serenaded the judges with a soulful rendition of a country song, Tennessee Whiskey, which connected well with country music enthusiast, Jeff Koinange.

    Angachi’s story inspired Tanzanian judge, Vanessa Mdee, to open up about her illness as well.

    “It's unusual for someone that young to sing that soulfully. I'm clinically blind in one eye as well but that hasn't stopped me from pursuing my biggest dreams.

    "No matter what happens in this competition, to me you’re a winner and you’re going to continue winning," she conveyed amid cheers from the crowd.

    One of the most electrifying performances was by 8-year-old drummer, Elvis Kirabo, who rocked the stage with his jazz drums. Confidently, Kirabo put on a show for the ages and he proceeded to the next round with four yesses.

    Sibling duo, Esther and Ezekiel from Uganda, presented their rendition of Hallelujah which judge Gaetano cut short, to have them sing solo. They were clearly prepared for anything as they both sang solo leaving the audience and judges more than impressed. They both got yesses from the judges and will be making it to the next round.

    The show had a girl power moment when, Power Black Nyati, a female bodybuilder from Tanzania, performed an unbelievable stunt where she lay on the ground and a motorcycle ran over her. That was a scary moment until she got up unscathed.

    She even challenged Ugandan judge, Gaetano Kagwa, to a strength contest, putting on the line Ksh2,000 - she won.

    A pleasant act was by Young Circus from Rwanda, which had been performing together for 15 years. Their act had some minor mistakes but that didn't stop them from pushing through and eventually getting the nod from the judges to proceed to the next round.

    The first rapper on the show was 19-year-old Taykun from Uganda. He dropped bars in a language that not many understood but danced to. 

    David Kaggwe, a beatboxer, got four yesses from the judges with Vanessa commenting that the act was  "so refreshing to her." 

    Also incredible was Sonda ya Dhiru, a music group from Tanzania that took the crowd to church with their impressive Acapella performance.

    Other notable performances were by The Warrior Acrobatics and Sub Zero, whom Koinange found segments of their performance painful to watch, due to the risk involved in executing the stunts.

    Some performances had some visible mistakes which dented their chances to get the nod from judges.

    A heartbreaking moment in the show was when Young Kizito, a dance crew from Huruma, didn't get three yesses from the judges. 

    Relaying his criticism, Gaetano noted that it was their timing that let them down.

    Granted, no Kenyan act has gotten the Golden Buzzer yet, but there's still much more to look forward to. 

    Tune in to #EAGTPoweredBySafaricom every Sunday at 8pm on Citizen TV. 

    Here is the video of the Second episode: