Enraged Motorists Start Fight in Middle of Mombasa Road

  • Motorists on the road in Nairobi File
  • Drama ensued on Tuesday, in Mombasa Road inbound, near Panari Hotel, when two motorists broke into a fight.

    In the video seen by Kenyans.co.ke, a motorist, an unidentified man probably in his late 20's, parked a blue vehicle in the middle of the road, leaving the doors wide open.

    The video begins with the two men being held by two others in a bid to separate them from each other's rage.

    Motorists fighting on Mombasa road inbound near Panari hotel

    The driver of the blue vehicle, who was being held back by an individual in a yellow T-shirt and jeans, was seen carrying a dagger in his right hand.

    In what seemed like a hot verbal exchange between two men, the driver holding the knife charged forward to attack his opponent but was for a second time held back.

    After a few sessions of a heated exchange and a number of unsuccessful fights, a lady in a flowered maxi dress came out, phone in hand and convinced the driver of their vehicle to get away from the fight.

    The cause of the fight, however, still remains unknown.

    On August 4, 2019, a  Kenyan motorist, Bramwel Iro, found himself staring at the jaws of death as he was confronted by an angry motorist along State House Crescent Road.

    He sent out a thread of tweets narrating his close shave, going on to flag the perpetrator by pointing him out to the DCI.

    The two motorists had clashed before they joined the road, with Iro revealing that he refused to give way to the unidentified driver.

    The gun-wielding motorist then intentionally hit Iro's car, causing a traffic pile-up on the busy road.