Wendy Waeni's Mother Makes a U-turn on Claims Against Joe Mwangi

  • Renowned gymnast, Wendy Waeni's mother, Magdaline Syombua, on Monday, contradicted her claims about her daughter's former manager.

    In an interview on Radio Jambo's Ilikuaje Show, Ms Syombua admitted having received some money from Wendy's former manager, Joe Mwangi.

    As she recounted how she realised that Mwangi had duped her, she revealed that the ex-manager actually did pay her.

    "I realised that he was deceiving me because they would traverse the world together, get whatever he got and he would only give me a small portion of the money. He would give me about Ksh 20, 000 but he would keep the rest to himself," she disclosed.

    "Whenever I would inquire about the rest, he would get angry, so I stopped at that," she affirmed.

    This contradicted her former claims of not receiving a single penny from Mwangi despite him travelling around the world with her daughter.

    However, Ms Syombua still maintained that Mwangi only gave her the peanuts to keep her from realising his alleged shrewd scheme.

    "The money I received fro him was very little, enough to blind me, but he kept the rest to himself," Syombua confirmed.

    Formerly, in an interview with Citizen TV journalists at her Huruma home, Waeni's mother recounted meeting the controversial ex-manager, and the deal they entered into in 2014.

    "He told me that he would arrange performances for Wendy and if her talent was discovered, he would know how to work with her from there," she told the journalist. 

    "At one point I asked him, are there no proceeds from all these places you've been taking Wendy to perform at?

    "He responded that all this time, he was only promoting Wendy and giving her exposure which didn't translate into monetary gain," she explained.

    Syombua also disclosed that after the Wednesday evening interview elicited public reaction, he resorted to threatening her.

    "Now that the situation has boiled over, he threatened me. He stated that he was no longer willing to pay for Wendy's passport adding that the person who took us to Citizen TV should take care of everything," she told reporters. 

    Mwangi, who denied all the claims levelled against him the mother and daughter, also announced that he was ready to be hosted by any media house willing to interview him on condition that Ms Syombua is present in the same forum.

    On August 9, 2019, DCI also announced opening investigation into the 14-year-old's case.