KRA's New Move That Could Earn You a Criminal Record

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  • The Kenyan Revenue Authority (KRA) keeps on tightening the noose around the necks of tax evaders within the country.

    In its latest move, according to The Star, KRA has decided to criminalise those who will be caught in the tax evasion racket.

    KRA Commissioner of Investigations and Prosecutions Edward Karanja, on Wednesday, revealed that had have decided to criminalise those who evade tax as part of the global practice.

    Nakuru residents at KRA offices during the launch of an iTax support centre in the county on September 2, 2015.

    He further noted that they had set up tools and technologies that would assist in the tracing of tax cheats.

    "KRA has invested in technology and tools that will be able to detect inconsistencies when self-assessments are done," added Karanja.

    The announcement came during the revenue performance briefing at the tax man's Nairobi offices on Wednesday morning.

    This comes at a time when several people in the country are facing tax evasion charges, with the most notable being billionaire Humphrey Kariuki.

    Kariuki is accused of failing to pay taxes amounting to Ksh41 billion between 2014 and 2019.

    On Tuesday, DCI picked up on the trail of the Nairobi billionaire. A search for the businessman was expanded to Europe after detectives reported that they traced him to London.

    Billionaire on the run Humphrey Kariuki