DPP Prosecutor's Warning to Joe Mwangi Over Tweets on Wendy Waeni

  • A collage of Wendy Waeni, a gymnast and her former manager Joe Mwangi Facebook
  • DPP's Principal Prosecution counsel, Duncan Ondimu, has sent a stern warning to Wendy Waeni's former manager, Joe Mwangi, over tweets he made on Tuesday.

    On Twitter, Ondimu stated that the former manager was going too far by exposing the minor, adding that he was stretching his luck.

    "@Mwasjoe50 by now you should be aware that indecent exposure of a minor is a very serious offence. Obstruction of an ongoing investigation is criminal!!!" he tweeted.

    DPP's Principal Prosecution counsel Duncan Ondimu

    Mwangi posted defamatory posts against the 14-year-old on Tuesday, eliciting bad feelings among netizens.

    The posts allegedly painted the teenagers sexual life.

    During Citizen TV's JKLive on Wednesday evening, Waeni, a renowned gymnast, narrated how she had been exploited by Mwangi.

    Waeni painfully recalled how her ability had taken her around the world, performing for global leaders like presidents Uhuru Kenyatta (Kenya), Paul Kagame (Rwanda), Yoweri Museveni (Uganda), John Mahama (Ghana Rtd), as well as Chancellor of Germany, Angela Markel, but was still condemned to a life of struggle, after the said manager did not share proceeds from her shows. 

    "I have been performing all over the world Jeff. I know you know that. Right now, I live in Huruma because of Joe Mwangi. Jeff to be sincere with you, I've been performing all over like Rwanda, Germany, China and I haven't got a single penny. 

    "My mom is really suffering now as we talk. I know she's working right now, she sells sweets. I live in a single room in Huruma now Jeff," she told the Citizen TV news anchor.

    Wendy also accused Joe of misusing her social media accounts, to engage in public spats, which made people think she was behind the controversial remarks. 

    A past photo of Wendy Waeni and Joe Mwangi in an amusement park