Pastor Ng'ang'a Shames Woman in Church [VIDEO]

  • In a video circulating on social media platforms, controversial pastor, James Ng'ang'a, of Neno Evangelism Centre, is seen shaming a woman for wearing rubber shoes in his church.

    The preacher singles out the woman from the congregation and calls her to the podium. 

    Ng'ang'a goes ahead and asks her why she is carrying her belongings in a reusable bag instead of a handbag.

    He goes to the extent of looking through her bag to check her belongings.

    "How can you carry such a bag? Are you a witch doctor? Who bought you this dress you are wearing? Why are putting on rubbers, where are your shoes?" Ng'ang'a poses these questions to the woman.

    Netizens were outraged by the pastor's actions, taking to social media to comment.

    "This man pastor N'gan'ga is just a joke. This is totally unacceptable...That's why some of us pray for ourselves at home and life continues," Kym Paul commented.

    "Useless pastor. How can a grown man like him humiliate a woman in front of people like this??!!!! A mother and someone's wife too," Lucie Lee opined.

    Four days ago, the pastor was yet again on the spotlight, for the wrong reasons, after he made an irking comment about the late Bomet Governor, Joyce Laboso.

    “I went to a Kajiado crusade and prayed for someone who had cancer. His whole jaw had been ‘eaten off’. People were even asking why I did not pray for Bomet Governor, Joyce Laboso. If she would have come to me I would have prayed for her,” Ng’ang’a proclaimed while speaking to Massawe Japani at Radio Jambo.