Sonko Clears Air on Interpol Drug Charge Allegations

  • Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko on Sunday night, came out to clear his name concerning allegations of drug trafficking. 

    The governor, who was speaking on K24's punchline show hosted by Anne Kiguta, disclosed that he was not involved in any drug business and thus was not being sought after by Interpol.

    This was in response to Ms. Kiguta's question on his thoughts on the Ibrahim Akasha's conviction in the US for drug-trafficking.

    Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and K24's presenter, Anne Kiguta on the punchline show

    “I know there are some funny lists which have been circulating and I think my name is there. People are saying that I am wanted by Interpol, but I want to tell Kenyans that I have never dealt in drugs."

    "If you place Cocaine, sugar, and salt I cannot even tell you which one is cocaine," he disclosed.

    He further defended himself by stating that the George Saitoti's list of 2010, provided by the former US Ambassador to Kenya, Michael Raneberger, that listed drug traffickers, in which Sonko was mentioned was barely dirty politics.

    "Ranneberger was given that list by Former National Intelligence Service(NIS) director, Major Michael Gichangi, and you see I had just joined politics then and there was politics because I brought a lot of problems for Saitoti."

    "Actually, I was fighting for the rights of police officers like Erastus Chemoroi. I have never dealt in drugs," affirmed the governor.

    Sonko went ahead to highlight that drug dealers are normally denied visas which is not the case for him because he has a five-year US Visa.

    Amid smiles, he further maintained that while representing Africa in the United Nations(UN) general assembly, he resided near Interpol offices and was never arrested, confirming his innocence.

    "However, if you’re a drug dealer and are implicated by the Americans or any other country, first you are barred from traveling out of Kenya and can’t get a Visa by any Embassy." 

    "Just the other day, a couple of months ago, I was invited to the United Nations General Assembly to represent Africa, and I took a room next to Interpol, I went to their offices and even took pictures of the building,” Governor Sonko conveyed. 

    Interpol offices in Lyon France