Latest Donation From China Turns Kenyans Against CS

  • Devolution CS Eugene Wamalwa, on Wednesday, flagged off 30,000 bags of rice from China to help with the government's efforts to combat drought in parts of the country.

    "Just received a donation of 30,000bags of rice from The People’s Republic of China to compliment GoK relief food distribution in 23 drought-affected Counties," the CS posted on Twitter.

    Wamalwa added that necessary safety clearances had been undertaken by relevant state authorities.

    A number of governors and political leaders from the affected counties were present at the flagging off ceremony.

    Soon after, social media users were up in arms criticising the CS for blatantly taking pride in receiving food donations.

    Most Kenyans argued that for a country that heavily depends on agriculture as the backbone of its economy, the government had failed its citizens immensely.

    Some even claimed that the CS was embarrassing President Uhuru Kenyatta's Big 4 Agenda, which includes food security. The other three are Affordable Housing, Manufacturing, and Universal Healthcare for all.

    Despite the CS's assurance on the safety of the rice, other Kenyans were sceptic about the quality of the foodstuff.

    Half of Kenya’s 47 counties are currently battling drought which has led to rising food insecurity and the need for government intervention.

    Here are some reactions from the Kenyan online community: