NASA Boss' Illness Exposes ODM Party Wrangles

  • Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) top leaders have been exposed for disobeying Raila's direct orders over the ailing Norman Magaya, the head of National Super Alliance's (Nasa) secretariat.

    Magaya collapsed at Bomas of Kenya in August 2017 during the verification of presidential votes and is battling a heart condition. It was reported that Magaya was allegedly poisoned.

    According to ODM's Deputy Communications Director, Seth Odongo alias Dikembe Disembe, Raila Odinga directed that Magaya needed to be attended to as a top priority.

    ODM party blogger Dikembe Disembe who accused the party top leaders of neglecting ailing Head of Secretariat Norman Magaya

    "Many of you may not know, however, that Magaya has been battling a heart condition arising from that incident, sometimes spending months in the hospital, his condition improving only to deteriorate again.

    "From my conversation with several people with direct knowledge of the matter, Odinga had apparently directed that Orange House takes charge of the matter and ensures Magaya gets the support he needs," Dikembe posted on his Twitter on Monday, September 2.

    The party blogger then went on to accuse Oduor Ong'wen, ODM's Executive Director, of insubordination.

    "Oduor Ong’wen is dithering on the issue and is not giving the kind of leadership needed to ensure Magaya’s condition gets the attention it requires. Oduor knows Magaya is in bad shape.  He also knows when he had the energy and the health, no one was more dependable than him.

    "Right now Magaya is so weak and thin yet he has been neglected by the political class he dutifully served," Dikembe disclosed. 

    Dikembe further warned ODM against sidelining Magaya. 

    "These things can make you have so many enemies but nothing disgusts me than the betrayal. Let’s not wait to send ‘heartfelt condolences’, wallowing in pretentious shock, yet now, those who should know Magaya is suffering are acutely aware and are doing nothing. 

    "Magaya served NASA at a time the opposition front needed someone with his courage, tenacity and loyalty. Long before the handshake, it was actors like Norman Magaya who the government singled out to torment," Dikembe lamented.  

    A photo of Raila with Norman Magaya. Dikembe accused ODM Executive Director Oduor Ong'wen of insubordination.

    Magaya while speaking with on phone highlighted that he was recuperating and did not want to be involved in controversies.

    "I was discharged on Friday, August 31, and I am under medication. On the other matter regarding ODM politics, I would not wish to be dragged into controversies," Norman stated. 

    ODM took to social media on Tuesday, August 3, and reiterated that they were according all the necessary support to Magaya.

    "The ODM Party is aware that Nasa CEO Norman Magaya has been unwell. We continue to support him in every possible way and wish him a quick recovery. Every request for support has been dealt with as and when received. To the best of our knowledge, no pending bill exists. The Secretary-General, Edwin Sifuna, visited him during his most recent hospitalization and confirmed the same with him. He would ordinarily contact the party if there were any such bills as he has always done.

    "As a senior member of ODM Party, we will go out of our way to safeguard Mr Magaya's welfare but will do it silently, as we fulfil our mandate to the masses that we serve. These matters are extremely personal and we urge all persons to respect the privacy of Magaya," ODM wrote on its Facebook page.

    A photo of Raila visiting ailing Norman Magaya. Dikembe accused ODM Executive Directo Oduor Ong'wen of insubordination