Khalwale Drags Mzee Moi Into Mau Evictions

  • Former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale ferociously attacked retired President Daniel Arap Moi over the ongoing Mau evictions while speaking in Turbo on Friday, August 30. 

    Nation reports that the Luhya leader who defected to Jubilee urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to flush Mzee Moi, former minister Simon Nyachae and former Kuresoi MP Zakayo Cheruiyot out of the Mau forest before evicting squatters from the water catchment area.

    "Mr President, I am not opposing forest conservation. We must at all times conserve our forests. That doesn't mean Mau alone. We shall also do it in Kakamega and Elgon. But before you flush the poor, visit Justice Ndung'u Report," Khalwale ranted.

    Khalwale in a past event with DP Ruto. The former Kakamega Senator urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to flush Mzee Moi out of the Mau forest before evicting squatters from the water catchment

    According to Khalwale, the Ndung'u Report has details of individuals who acquired land illegally in Mau. 

    However several governments have failed to implement the report, with allegations that prominent people are behind the delayed implementation.

    "It has listed people with illegal land in Mau. Daniel Moi has more than 2,333 Hectares, Simon Nyachae has over 300, Zakayo Cheruiyot has over 100. Start by evicting them before you descend on the poor. 

    Thereafter, Kenyans will support the eviction of the 50,000 squatters sitting on 10,000 acres. Hustlers are also people," Khalwale cried out. 

    Kapsaret Member of Parliament, Oscar Sudi, also blasted the government over the evictions.

    Sudi claimed that should the eviction eventually happen, the Kenyatta and Moi families should give out a portion of their lands for resettling the Mau evictees.

    The government on Tuesday, September 3, raided the water catchment area and evicted several families.

    Emurua Dikirr MP, Johana Ng'eno, was arrested on the very day during the highly charged Maasai Mau Forest evictions.

    Former President, Daniel Moi (in a grey suit), celebrates his 95th birthday surrounded by close family at his Kabarak home on Monday, September 3. (Photo/ Daily Nation)
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