Intimate Details of Uhuru's Ksh700M Private Mansion Next to State House

  • Kenya's history has shown that presidents often transition from State House to other lavish residences after the end of their terms but for President Uhuru Kenyatta, the second term did not have to end nor did he have to stray far away.

    Standing next to State House is an uber-posh mansion reportedly constructed under strict preferences by the president himself.

    The fortress is said to have cost a cool Ksh700 million, which, unlike some former president's homes that were publicly funded, Kenyatta's supposed retirement home is said to be privately funded.

    According to a report by The Star, the mansion boasts of some unique features that very few other houses can claim.

    An aerial view of the Ksh700 million mansion president Uhuru Kenyatta constructed next to State House. It has bulletproof windows.

    It is a state of the art mansion that is protected by formidable barriers and latest technology with a 24-hour GSU security.

    The house itself contains bulletproof windows, concrete wall, high-tech electric fence and an alarm system.

    It has two wings, one with a swimming pool and the other has a helipad to receive the president and his visitors. Inside the compound, there is a mini-roundabout that leads to the driveway.

    During the mansion's construction, which commenced in 2015, the road leading to its entrance was also expanded to include a dedicated lane specifically for the mansion.

    Quoting sources close to the president, The Star further detailed that the house's ground floor contains a living room and dining room, kitchenette and more offices while the upper floor possesses three spacious bedrooms and others.

    It was also claimed that Uhuru requested the house to have a large lounge to accommodate many guests and delegations.

    So important are the new features that in 2015, the entire family who resided there moved to the State House so that the initial house could be demolished to pave way for the modern one.

    The house was bequeathed on Uhuru by his father, the founding President Jomo Kenyatta.

    The residence is said to share a fence with the State House.

    State House Kenya where Uhuru's family moved to for the facelift of their private residence worth Ksh700 million.