14 Iconic Photos From the 50s and the 60s

  • Kenya's history has been full of prints and memories. Some of them happened so long ago that they may have been tucked away, some may not have been that famous, but all of them have been as great as they come.

    A visit down the memory lane yielded a few photographs that give a view of the country's pre- and early independence days, a time when the country was, arguably, at its most hopeful.

    Here are 14 of the most iconic photos from the 50s and the 60s courtesy of historian Levis Opiyo on Facebook.

    Young children chasing birds from a rice field in Kano plains, 1960

    Stiudents at ther Kenya Science Teachers College in 1969.

    Baringo District Education_officer Moses Mudavadi father to Musalia Mudavadi with primary school kids 1958

    Lucy Kibaki and Mwai Kibaki share an intimate moment, undated,

    Tom Mboya with the governor of Massachussets in 1960.

    Lucy Kibaki and Mwai Kibaki during their wedding in 1962.

    The trial of Maumau legend General China in 1962.

    Kisoi Munyao hoists Kenya's flag on the highest peak of Mt. Kenya in 1963.

    This young Kenyan boy was selected to present flowers to queen Elizabeth. He refused to hand over the flowers, and the then princess had to bend and grab them from him.

    Kanu delegates Kariuki Njiri and Jose Mathenge meeting Fidel Castro in Cuba in 1962.

    Kipchoge Keino drilling recruits at Kiganjo Police Training College in 1966.

    Philip Maundu, a Kenyan student who benefitted from the famous 'airlift' to study at the University of Georgia in the US.

    Corporal Ndirangu with an unidentified soldier. He is the one who reportedly fired the shot that wounded Dedan Kimathi.

    William Mbote, another beneficiary of the 'airlift' program at Indian State University. He was the only black student in his class.