Popular Group Uhuru Paid to Perform His Favourite Song [VIDEO]

Towards the end of 2018, President Uhuru Kenyatta wanted to share with fellow Kenyans, a story of hope and patriotism by combining two of the things that is really passionate about, music and the youth.

As part of creating musical content to support communication of his Big 4 Agenda, Uhuru commissioned a group of young and talented musicians called Ghetto Classics to perform an orchestral rendition of the famous patriotic song, Tushangilie Kenya.

The original song was composed by musician Mwalimu Thomas Wasonga in 1985. 

The talented Ghetto Classics comprises youth aged between 8 and 24 years and has distinguished itself as one of the most talented music groups in Kenya, escaping drugs and other negative youth influences, while perfecting their art.

It was founded in 2008, in the Korogocho slums of Nairobi, by Elizabeth Wamuni Njoroge.

Members of the group came from humble and traumatizing backgrounds, living under the care of the Father John Webootsa, a catholic priest based at Kariobangi parish.

Elizabeth captured the determination, energy, talent displayed by the young boys and girls of Korogocho and she immediately set out to find ways in which to harness their inner drive and potential. 

currenty, the group, performs at concerts around the country and the world, changing the story of the slums from one of despair to one of promise. 

President Kenyatta loves the song so much that during his recent trip to Jamaica, it was played for him to enjoy. 

Uhuru is also said to have sneaked into a neighbouring compound in 2015 to join a choir that was practising patriotic songs, among them Tushangilie Kenya. 

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