Billionaire Cohen's Wife Speaks Out After Husband's Body Found

  • Embattled billionaire Tob Cohen's wife, Sarah Wairimu, spoke out after her husband's body was retrieved from an underground water tank at their Kitisuru home in Nairobi.

    Through her lawyer, Philip Murgor, Sarah on Friday, September 13, accused Director of Criminal Investigation (DCI) George Kinoti of staging the murder.

    "They took Wairimu to court and we didn't come back. Today (Friday) at 2:40pm we contacted the gateman and he informed us that the police had come here. We rushed here and found the police working in a corner by themselves, without Wairimu and us (the defence team).

    "There is a sewage system and it had fresh cement covering the manhole cover. They all knew that is what they wanted to dig. They dug it and removed the cover. Kinoti had already known it was Cohen and announced it. We want to know how he knew it was Tob Cohen before he came out as the body was retrieved over an hour later," the lawyer claimed. 

    Sarah Wairimu's lawyer, Philip Murgor. He raised doubts over Tob Cohen's murder

    Murgor had doubts over the appearance of the body and DCI's statement that it was the billionaire's remains.

    "The remains were pulled out and we believe he looks like Tob Cohen but the body was wrapped up and we could not see it. He was also well dressed as if he was up and about and he was tied up which is very unfortunate. 

    "Those people who have been saying that he is dead, we should ask them how they were so certain of his death because the rest of us were looking and hoping to find him alive," Murgor questioned. 

    He went on to reveal that Sarah was shocked by the death of her husband.

    "I spoke to her and she is saddened by the death of her husband," the attorney stated.

    Kinoti, on Friday, September 13, narrated how the Dutch billionaire, Tob Cohen, was murdered.

    "Cohen was murdered in his own residence. It is a gruesome murder. They took their time to kill innocent Cohen. I will not describe much now, but in the subsequent unfolding of events," the DCI boss disclosed.

    "He was bound, hands, legs and the neck, before he was murdered and then they hid him in an underground water tank," he emotionally explained.

    DCI Boss George Kinoti speaking to journalists on Friday, September 13. He stated that the billionaire was murdered in his own home
    Tob Cohen and his wife Sarah Wairimu. Her lawyer Philip Murgor wondered how DCI Kinoti knew Tob Cohen was dead

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