Judge Lessit Issues Strict Orders in Cohen Murder Case

  • Justice Jessie Lessit and Tob Cohen's Widow Sarah Wairimu. The Judge has issued new orders against the DCI and the media as the puzzle of billionaire Tob Cohen's murder unravels in public. Facebook
  • As investigations into the murder of Dutch businessman Tob Cohen proceeds, presiding judge Justice Jessie Lessit barred the reporting of the investigation in the media on Monday, September 16.

    In her orders, Lessit declared that the DCI, DPP, victims and the defence should not address the media in the ongoing case.

    Cohen's widow, Sarah Wairimu, who is the main suspect in the case, will take a plea on September 26, pending a mental assessment that she is scheduled to take.

    The Dutchman's murder mystery has been in the headlines for the past months ever since he was reported missing in late July.

    Tob Cohen's widow Sarah Wairimu (pictured in court above) is facing murder charges after her husband's body was discovered in a septic tank at their Kitisuru home.

    On Friday, September 13, his body was found in a septic tank at his Kitisuru home.

    Wairimu, through her lawyer, Philip Murgor, accused Director of Criminal Investigation (DCI) George Kinoti of staging the murder.

    Murgor had doubts over the appearance of the body and DCI's statement that it was the billionaire's remains.

    "The remains were pulled out and we believe he looks like Tob Cohen but the body was wrapped up and we could not see it. He was also well dressed as if he was up and about and he was tied up which is very unfortunate. 

    "Those people who have been saying that he is dead, we should ask them how they were so certain of his death because the rest of us were looking and hoping to find him alive," Murgor questioned.

    Sarah Wairimu in consults with her lawyer Philip Murgor
    Sarah Wairimu who is facing murder charges consults with her lawyer Philip Murgor.