New Twist as Govt Steps Into Busia Wife Swap Saga

  • On Monday, September 9, two women in Matayo's Busia county shocked residents after that decided to swap their partners.

    This issue got a little more complicated for them after the government decided to have a say in the matter.

    Daily Nation reported that the two couples were on Wednesday, September 18, ordered to sign a joint parental responsibility agreement to protect the rights of five children under their care. 

    Kevin Barasa signs the agreement next to his former wife Lilian Weta

    The couples signed the documents before a tribunal that had called on them to address the matter.

    Busia county commissioner Jacob Narengo led the tribunal which also included Busia County Director of Children’s Services Esther Wasige and Matayos Sub-county Children’s Officer Luke Papa.

    “The government is keen on ensuring that the children’s rights are protected. This agreement will be reviewed on a need basis. The children’s services department will monitor the children on a weekly basis to ensure their rights are observed,” Narengo stated.

    He further warned that the couples risked being charged in court if they ever breached the agreement.

    “Any of you who will be found abusing the rights of any of these children will be dealt with accordingly. The same applies to breach of the agreement you have just signed,” he added.

    The agreement further directs that food and shelter shall be provided by the mothers while education shall be facilitated by the fathers.

    Both parents were also ordered to ensure that medical cover and clothing were catered for.

    However, all the children were granted unlimited access to both parents who will be reporting to the children’s department on a monthly basis.

    The couples will be reporting to the children's office in the county every Wednesday of the first week of every month.

    Lilian Weta, 28, a mother of three, and Immaculate Wekesa, 29, a mother of two, exchanged partners after accusations of infidelity and incessant quarrels that were destabilising their marriages.

    In the agreement, Weta got married to Christopher Abwire, 34, while Wekesa became the wife to 35-year-old Kevin Barasa.

    Abwire promised to ensure that Weta's children were given the best care to his ability after signing the agreement.

    “I will ensure that Lilian’s children are given good care according to my ability,” Abwire stated.

    On his side, Barasa thanked the government for the intervention to ensure that the -children do no bare the brunt of the parent's separation.

    “I’m ready to take care of my friend’s children till they’re 18. I’ll ensure they have food on the table and go to school,” Barasa affirmed.

    In order to show newfound friendship and unison, the two couples posed for a photo together after the meeting.

    the two couples pose for a photo after signing the agreement