Ezekiel Mutua Tears Into Pastor Ng'ang'a, Threatens to Step In [VIDEO]

  • Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) chief executive, Ezekiel Mutua, on Thursday, September 19, slammed Neno Evangelism Pastor Maina Ng'ang'a in a strongly worded rant.

    While addressing the media, Mutua warned that the government would move in to regulate the religious sector if the various councils failed to reign in on pastor Ng'ang'a.

    "We hope that somebody is working on it because if they don't then we will move in. They need to come forward and say that this practice is not ok, they need to self-regulate before the government comes in," he announced.

    Pastor Ng'ang'a pictured while playing the guitar. Ezekiel recently called out the pastor over his theatrics

    He also called a similar crop of pastors who he stated were mushrooming cultic practices under the guise of religion, going on to urge Pastor Ng'ang'a's friends to step in and help him out.

    "Much as government should not regulate churches, the conduct of the pastor must be called to account, you will not be allowed to con people publicly in the name of a pastor," he asserted.

    Mutua claimed that the Neno Evangelism preacher was employing mad theatrics and antiques in order to top social media trends and the pursuit of fame.

    Millie Odhiambo while speaking to Jeff Koinange on Citizen TV on Wednesday, September 18, also condemned pastor nganga, warning that she would introduce a bill to curb such pastors.

    The controversial city preacher recently disclosed his dream of succeeding Interior CS Fred Matiang’i. 

    "My thinking is that if in future, we can have someone like Matiang’i as president and Sonko as his deputy, and they give Ng’ang’a as Interior CS," he stated during an interview on Inooro FM on September 4, 2019.

    "That government will burn all demons. My work would be to fight all evil spirits. Sonko would be destroying illegal structures and buildings. Matiang’i would fight bhang and control drinking hours,” he added.

    Watch Ezekiel Mutua calling out Pastot Ng'ang'a over his theatrics below: 

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