How Moi's Bravest Rival Met Shameful Death

  • Amos Kandie became the only politician to ever challenge retired President Daniel Moi for the Baringo Central parliamentary seat when he vied against the head of state in 1997.

    To Kandie's surprise, Mzee Moi, instead of being hostile towards him, ordered protection for the aspirant.

    The move was strategic in that Amos was kept safe because, if something tragic would have happened to his competitor, Moi would have been dragged into the drama that would follow.

    The late Amos Kandie. He was the only politician who vied against Moi in Baringo Central Constituency during the 1997 General Election.

    On the day that the two leaders presented their documents to the defunct Electoral Commission of Kenya, Moi told the area OCPD, “Don’t touch him. If anybody touches him, I will sack him. I want him to be given VIP security. Do you understand?”

    The president later told Kandie, “If you have done something commendable for Baringo people, they will elect you. But if you have not done anything, I am sorry, you will not get any votes.”

    As expected, Moi trumped over his opponent who could not manage 1,000 votes. 

    Years later in 2012, Kandie would meet his death in a most embarrassing and tragic way. 

    Its was reported that he was found in a compromising situation with another man’s wife in a house at Kiboino Village, Baringo County. 

    Angry residents descended on him, accusing the 60-year-old politician of habitually luring married women with money, consequently lynching him.

    Omondi Musewe, who was the area OCPD at the time, faulted the mob for killing Kandie instead of resolving the matter peacefully.

    “The issue is all about two adults and no one for whatsoever reason is allowed to commit mob justice as a solution to any perceived offence,” the police chief advised residents.

    Retired President Daniel Moi raises his baton during a past holiday celebration. His was challenged by Amos Kandie for the Baringo Central parliamentary seat in 1997.