NTV Support Staff Try Anchoring News, Are They Better Than Presenters?

  • Everyone wants to be on TV, but is TV for everyone? NTV chose to answer the question by challenging its support staff to present news. 

    A video shared by the media station on September 19, 2019, showed that the trials featured employees from many departments such as logistics, advertising, cleaning services among others. 

    Wekesa, a driver, was asked to present a sports item in Swahili and he had trouble hiding the fact that he was reading from a teleprompter.

    NTV employees Mike and Abby trying to read the news. Mike made a mistake that left Abby in stitches.

    The duo of Mike (director) and Abby (production) seemed confident to pull it off until the former mispronounced a word, leaving his partner in stitches. 

    Shelina from the advertising department began well until she started wondering out loud, disrupting her flow of thought. 

    Jackson, another director, blamed his goof on the person controlling the teleprompter. 

    He argued that it was too fast, going on to bend to try and catch some of the words before they disappeared from the screen. 

    The trials were hilarious to watch but worth noting is, despite the amount of experience one has being a journalist, mistakes can still be made.

    Whatever the reason, news fails are funny, and the fails on this compilation are some of the funniest, most cringe-worthy, but weren't aired. 

    Some mistakes are caused by interruptions during recording and others occur when journalists forget their lines. 

    Sometimes the cameras start rolling before one is prepared and reporters are caught off guard. 

    There are certain exercises that journalists do to prepare before going on air, which can be as simple as breathing in and out or as hilarious as making weird sounds in an attempt to clear the throat. 

    Laugh your way through this video of the most hilarious fails and decide which was your favourite oops moment.