Uhuru's Name Used to Scam Akasha's Wife

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta's name was used fraudulently as cons, among them, a church deacon, defrauded the Akashas Ksh5.5 million. The con artists promised the nabbed druglords (Baktash and Ibrahim) that they will ensure their safe return from the US back to Kenya. 

    According to The Star, Najma Hassan, Baktash Akasha's wife, was duped into giving away the millions out of desperation, after the conmen convinced her they were well connected. 

    Hassan stated that a one Pastor Chris Ngweti claimed to be an emissary of the head of state. The man of God was arrested and charged on Thursday, September 19.

    Akasha brothers with their lawyer Chris Ombetta in court. Baktash's wife was swindled Ksh5.5 million

    She had given up on ever securing the return of her husband after being swindled. However, she had not realised she had fallen into the trap until a call from Kisauni DCIO opened her eyes.

    “It was during our talk that I narrated what had befallen me to him. He advised me to record the statements and investigations began,” Hassan stated.

    In her recorded statement, the billionaire's wife disclosed that she had opened up to Ngweti, a pastor at a church in Shanzu, Mombasa, where she worshipped, about seeking help to have the brothers deported back to Kenya.

    The preacher promised to link her up with a highly-connected person who would ensure she met Kenyatta, who would assist her. Ngweti introduced Hassan to a Stephen Nzioka based in Nairobi who requested to meet her the following day. Hassan travelled to Nairobi alongside her sister in law, Hayat Akasha, to meet Nzioka in Nairobi.

    Nzioka would play around with them, extorting Ksh 100,000 with a promise to make them meet Kenyatta and Foreign CS Monica Juma. He alleged that Kenyatta was spending time with his family since it was a weekend. 

    Hassan and her family, who had booked themselves in at a city hotel, would later meet Nzioka three days later at the hotel. Nzioka had a letter he claimed was from CS Monica Juma to the US embassy. The letter was undated and unsigned. 

    Uhuru Kenyatta with Foreign CS Monica Juma. Their names were used to swindle the Akasha's Ksh5.5 million by a local pastor

    "He then left with it claiming that he was taking it to be stamped and signed. He said he had just brought it to us to show that something was happening,” recorded Hayat.

    A few days later, Hassan narrated how he came back with another letter from the Office of the President dated October 19, 2018, purportedly signed by State House comptroller, Kinuthia Mbugua, and copied to the Foreign Affairs CS while demanding a token for the president. 

    “My mother gave him Sh1 million and he went outside to make some calls. When he returned, he said the President had declined and wanted Sh3 million,” Hayat reported.

    On the third day, Nzioka took the family to two houses, in Runda which he claimed belonged to President Mwai Kibaki. There, she parted with Ksh350,000 for rent and Ksh90,000 for CCTV installation. Hassan had also sent him Ksh55,000 via Mpesa and later another Ksh35,000.

    Pastor Chris Ngweti denied the charges when they appeared before senior resident magistrate David Odhiambo. He was granted Ksh1 million cash bail or a surety of Ksh2 million. His counterpart is on the loose. 

    Baktash Akasha was sentenced to 25 years on August 16 and Ibrahim Akasha is awaiting sentencing on November 8 over drug-trafficking charges in the US

    Lawyer Chris Ombeta representing his clients, Akasha brothers, in court. They were deported to the US to face drug trafficking charges