Ngunjiri Wambugu Tears Into Ruto After Uhuru Endorsed Mariga

  • Nyeri Town MP, Ngunjiri Wambugu took a jibe at Deputy President William Ruto and the Tangatanga faction within Jubilee, claiming that the DP's move to have President Uhuru Kenyatta endorse McDonald Mariga for Kibra election was a weak move. 

    Ngunjiri took to social media on Wednesday, September 18, and stated that Uhuru had stamped his authority over Ruto, a move which had lifted the spirits of Tangatanga members. 

    "Tangatanga are over the moon that Jubilee Party Leader Uhuru Kenyatta accepted to ‘unveil’ Mariga for Kibra. However, the truth is that these guys are light-weights. 

    "They have been running the bluff that Uhuru is a lame-duck. They have now shown us that they know they cannot exist without Uhuru Kenyatta despite the bluffs and threats they spew every day," Ngunjiri lashed out on his Facebook page.

    Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu. He praised Ruto and his allies for pulling a public relation move by having Uhuru endorse Mariga

    Ngunjiri further asserted that the move may be a plot by Tangatanga to repair their image after several politicians allied to Kenyatta slammed them for disrespecting the head of state.  

    "It feels like a big win for them - and it is a brilliant public relation strategy. They are also using it to push back against those of us who have been arguing that Tangatanga must respect the President," the first-time MP alleged. 

    The political scientist went on to slam Ruto, claiming that the DP was out to assert and revive his prowess by going after the famous 2018 handshake. 

    "It is, of course, clear to everyone that Mariga is a Ruto candidate. It is also clear that Mariga is a stress-test on how strong the handshake is. Tangatanga had to accept that if Mariga was to go to Kibra as a ‘Ruto candidate’ he would lose embarrassingly. 

    "This is why they had to do everything possible to have Kenyatta unveil him as a Jubilee candidate," Ngunjiri opined.

    The MP, a staunch supporter of Kenyatta, finally warned Ruto and his brigade that their move would be futile. 

    "We expect them to sustain this respect for Kenyatta, at all times. We also expect them to behave with decorum in Kibra. Let them understand that this contest in Kibra will not destroy the handshake as they would like. The handshake is here to stay," Ngunjiri declared. 

    President Uhuru Kenyatta poses for a photo alongside William Ruto, McDonald Mariga and other Jubilee leaders after endorsing Mariga for Kibra. Ngunjiri Wambugu asserted that Ruto and Tangatanga had finally realised Kenyatta was in authority.