Cohen's Family Drops Jewish Ritual for Kenyan Tradition in Burial

  • UPDATE: Burial of the late billionaire is currently underway with his body having been from Chiromo morturary to the Jewish cemetery on Wangari Maathai Road.

    Late tycoon Tob Cohen's lawyer Cliff Ombeta, on Tuesday, September 24, shed more light on the upcoming burial of the dutch billionaire.

    Speaking to K24 TV, the lawyer disclosed that the family had ditched the Jewish manner of burying the dead in favour of a Kenyan style.

    According to Jewish tradition, the dead are wrapped in a white cloth for burial, but the family has decided to use a casket they call, a 'box'.

    Members of Cohen's family pick his body from Chiromo Mortuary for final rest at

    Ombeta further explained that the 'box' is not the lavish type that Kenyans are used to, but rather, a simple ceiling material is used, with scribbling on it.

    "Usually, they use the tallit for the purpose of burial. It is a white cloth that is used in Jewish burials but they have slightly wanted to accommodate our culture here.

    "They will use a box, let us not call it a coffin. They are calling it a box so let us also call it a box. It has no markings. It only has a star of David drawn by hand and it is of cardboard material," he explained.

    Jewish faithful are known to religiously follow their traditions and in the burial of cohen, nine rituals were expected to be observed.

    During the funeral, there will be no viewing of the body, as is the norm before most burial ceremonies.

    Before the burial, Cohen's family members will have to make a special and ritualistic tear on their outer garments.

    If Cohen’s parents were to be in attendance, they would tear the left side of their garments, just above the heart.

    However, Bernard and any other siblings will make their small hardly noticeable tears on the right side of their garments.

    In addition, there will be no greetings until after Cohen’s casket is lowered into the ground.

    Members of Cohen's family pick his body from Chiromo Mortuary for final rest at Jewish cemetery on Wangari Maathai Road.