EXCLUSIVE: Truth Behind Citizen TV's Mama Baha's Death Reports

Reports have been circulating on social media alleging that popular Citizen TV actress, Wanjiku Mburu, alias Mama Baha had passed on.

Photos circulated of Mama Baha, who was a major cast member in the cancelled teen show, Machachari, claiming that she had succumbed to cancer.

However, Kenyans.co.ke found out that the actor was alive and hers was a case of mistaken identity.

"I have spoken to her and she is still alive. She is disturbed by the news and the photographs going round that she is dead," Stanley Ngige, Production Manager at Royal Media informed Kenyans.co.ke newsroom.

Ngige went on to debunk the information stating that it was one of Citizen TV's staff who had lost his wife.

"The person who succumbed is the wife of our Director of Photography, Kimani Mburu. She succumbed to cancer.

"I have not been able to pick up more details," Ngige asserted. 

This was not the first time such rumours surfaced alleging that Mama Baha had passed away. In 2017, social media was also awash with the claims.

Citizen TV executives, on Monday, September 30, pulled the plug on Machachari after pressure mounted over the age of its characters in a show supposed to ideally mimic the lives of teens.

In its place, the broadcaster has settled for Johari, another teen-themed show that is yet to debut.

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