Plane Crashes at Wilson Airport [VIDEO]

  • A Lamu-bound plane crash-landed at a Nairobi National Park shortly after taking off from the Wilson Airport on Friday, October 11. 

    The plane registered under number Fokker 50 5Y- 1ZO and operated by Silverstone Air "developed some technical hitch while taking off" according to the Kenya Red Cross.

    Citizen TV reported that none of the 55 persons on board perished in the Friday morning scare that came seven months after an Ethiopian Airlines plane crashed moments after takeoff from Addis Ababa killing all passengers.

    A Silverstone Airline plane crash-landed at Nairobi National Park while on it way to Lamu.

    The first responders were officers from Kenya Red Cross and aviation officers based at Wilson Airpot. Silverstone airlines reported in a press statement that all its passengers were safe save for nine of them who sustained injuries and were recuperating at a Nairobi hospital.

    Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) in a tweet reported that two passengers were slightly injured and that the Aircraft Accident Investigations Directorate under the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Urban Development is carrying out investigations to establish the cause of the accident.

    NTV journalist Dennis Okari had earlier taken a flight from Wilson Airport to Eldoret. Okari tweeted, "the runway was very wet but what struck me was the potholes. Our pilot was literally dodging them as we taxied. We hit two of them hard."

    Reports from Kenya Aviation Authority stated that there were no fatalities and that only two passengers were slightly injured.

    More to follow...