Aisha Jumwa Arrest: Witness Narrates Moments Before Fatal Shooting [VIDEO]

  • Two videos are doing rounds online showing the moment Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa stormed an ODM agents' meeting at Ganda Ward in Kilifi, leading to the eruption of chaos that saw a man identified as Gumbao Jola lose his life.

    One of the videos portrays the scenes of a struggle as police officers try to restrain the vocal Member of Parliament who was spewing unprintables at the opposing group before she was led away from the protesting group.

    In the second video, a man claiming to have seen Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa fatally shoot Gumbao Jola, the uncle of Reuben Katana, ODM's candidate for the Ganda Ward by-election narrates what he allegedly witnessed.

    Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa with ODM leader Raila Odinga and other ODM leaders when they paid her a courtesy visit at her offices.

    The man, alleged to be the father to Reuben Katana sensationally alleged that he had seen Jumwa shoot at Katana, only for the bullet to meet Jola.

    He stated that Jumwa stormed into the venue where a meeting convened for ODM agents to strategize the Ganda Ward mini-poll was ongoing and after the scuffle ensued, Jumwa allegedly grabbed the gun from her bodyguard and took aim.

    "She walked in and cajoled the police officers for failing in the duty she had sent them to perform, stating that she would perform the task herself. She demanded to be shown where Katana's house was, and who exactly he was, as a scuffle ensued," he narrated in the video.

    Katana was shot and killed on the spot.

    ODM Communications Director, Philip Etale earlier on Wednesday published a statement that made similar claims on what really transpired at the unfortunate incident.

    In a statement posted on his social media pages, the communication director had stated that Gumbao was shielding his nephew when the incident took place.

    "He died shielding his nephew from the vicious and fire breathing Aisha, who was shouting and chanting all manner of unprintables," he had written.

    On the night of Tuesday, October 15, the rebel ODM MP had called for a press conference to speak out and distance herself from the incident. 

    "We don't know how the deceased died or who killed him. Reports claim that it was my bodyguard or the police or anonymous people like Agunga. We want justice for Ganda residents," she stated.