Aisha Jumwa Dramatically Arrested at Night [VIDEO]

  • Update: The MP was arraigned in court on Wednesday, October 16. 

    Police raided the home of Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa in Kakuyuni and arrested the legislator after a scuffle ensued between her and ODM supporters in Ganda Ward, Kilifi County on Tuesday, October 15.

    Jumwa was arrested on Wednesday morning, October 16, after a death was reported at an ODM event she allegedly disrupted. Jumwa took to social media at 3 am to announce her detention She is being held at Kilindini Police Station in Mombasa.

    Aisha Jumwa. The Malindi MP was arraigned in court on Wednesday, October 16

    Speaking to, a correspondent from the region confirmed the deceased as Gumbao Jola, an uncle to Reuben Katana, ODM's candidate for the Ganda Ward by-election scheduled for October 17. 

    "Currently, I have been arrested at my residence in Kakuyuni and I am being taken to an unknown destination," Jumwa tweeted.

    The meeting had been convened for ODM agents to strategise on how they would conduct the mini-poll.

    After the chaotic scenes, the rebel ODM MP called for a press conference to speak out and distance herself from the incident. 

    "We don't know how the deceased died or who killed him. Reports claim that it was my bodyguard or the police or anonymous people like Agunga. We want justice for Ganda residents," Jumwa spoke.

    According to short videos doing rounds on social media, Jumwa stormed the venue with police in tow after which the scuffle erupted.

    The identity of the individual who shot Gumbao during the chaos was yet to be established. 

    "Aisha Jumwa arrived at the venue in a white car surrounded by bodyguards and it was in the chaos that ensued, a shot was heard.

    "It was not immediately clear who shot the victim," a source intimated to

    Aisha Jumwa. The Malindi MP was arrested on Wednesday, October 16 after she allegedly disrupted an ODM
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