Aisha Jumwa Speaks Out After Gun Drama

  • Update: She was arrested.

    Rebel ODM MP Aisha Jumwa spoke out after reports alleging that she had been arrested over the scuffle that ensued between her and Orange Democratic Movement supporters in the ongoing by-election campaigns for Ganda Ward in Kilifi

    Citizen TV on Tuesday, October 15, reported that Jumwa  had been arrested and had been taken into custody, after a death was reported at an ODM event she allegedly disrupted.

    A man was shot and killed in the chaos that ensued after Jumwa reportedly stormed the ODM meeting. The meeting was convened for ODM agents to strategise on how they would conduct the mini-poll.

    Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa who reportedly stormed an ODM meeting where a supporter was shot dead after a scuffle ensued on Tuesday, October 15, 2019.

    "When I reached the event, I met a guy called Agunga who claimed that I would not interfere with the event as the police were around. I don’t know what the police were doing in the area. I believe ODM had a sinister move as the campaign periods were over. ODM should be held responsible for the death of the deceased. I would like to urge my followers to be calm and remain in their houses.

    "We don't know how the deceased died or who killed him. Reports claim that it was my bodyguard or the police or anonymous people like Agunga. We want justice for the Ganda residents," Jumwa stated in a press conference on Tuesday, October 15, after the incident occurred. 

    ODM Director of Communication Philip Etale took to social media on the very day to allege that Jumwa disrupted the event.

    Aisha Jumwa is a Jubilee leaning legislator. In Ganda Ward, she has a candidate whom she has been campaigning for. This evening, she stormed a meeting of the ODM candidate Reuben Mwamure Katana at his residence where he and other party officials were training agents as required by law. She was viscous and out of control.

    She was shouting and yelling at everyone on sight. Police officer whom she had sent to candidate’s home with the aid of the local OCPD started firing in the air to disperse the agents and the youths who were providing security at the home of the candidate,” Etale posted on Facebook.

    He went on to allege that the guns shots were fired from Jumwa’s car.

    “In the ensuing melee, someone in Hon. Jumwa’s vehicle, began firing at the people. Mwamure’s uncle’s Mzee Ngumbao Jihole was shot in the chest and died as he was being rushed to hospital. Jumwa then sped off to unknown destination,” Etale claimed.

    According to short videos doing rounds on social media, Jumwa stormed the venue with police in tow after which the scuffle erupted.

    It is not clear who pulled the trigger that killed the victim during the chaos.

    "Aisha Jumwa arrived at the venue in a white car surrounded by bodyguards and it was in the chaos that ensued, a shot was heard.

    "It was not immediately clear who shot the victim," the source intimated.

    Aisha Jumwa with ODM leader Raila Odinga in a past event that sparked controversy. She lashed out at an ODM by-election candidate

    Confirming the incident, Malindi Sub-county Police Commander Phillip Wambugu stated that investigations had been launched into the matter, as Jumwa denied any involvement in the scuffle. 

    The deceased was taken to Malindi District Hospital Mortuary.

    On Friday, October 11, Aisha Jumwa threatened to chase away and act on ODM Youth leader, John Ketora, for campaigning for the party candidate, Rueben Mwamure Katana, in the Ganda Ward by-election.

    "They were brought from Nairobi and I am not interested in their foolishness. I want to warn them. Woe unto you! 

    "Watch out or else troubles will befall you. Ketora I have all the necessary information about you. If you think that you can roam around in Ganda thumping your chest freely, my friend, be warned. We will deal with you appropriately" an angry Jumwa lashed out in a video posted on Facebook by Etale.

    Video courtesy of Citizen TV.

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