Short Video of Churchill's First TV Show in 2000

Comedian Daniel Wambua Ndambuki, also known as Churchill, recalled his first TV role on Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC).

In a video shared on his Facebook page on Saturday, October 19, Churchill mentioned that he got his first break on by playing a drunk character on Kisulisuli

"The role I managed to get was a significant but small role as Bwana Asava who drank chang'aa and got blind from it," he revealed. 

The comedian mentioned that after his stint as the drunk actor, his relationship with the broadcasting corporation blossomed.

"I came to KBC in the year 2000 immediately after college and was lucky to be picked on the show," he divulged claiming that the station used to have auditions where any talented people could come at the Kenya National Theatre to showcase their skills.

"We came to try our luck when we found a poster by KBC looking for actors and news presenters. That is how I landed the role," Churchill narrated.

He went ahead to report that he tried being a football commentator and failed terribly as he could not keep up with the prowess of Jack Oyoo Silvester.

"This one time we went with Jack Oyoo Silvester to Ruaraka to commentate a game and the way he (Oyoo) presented, I was completely dumbfounded," he added.

The comedian, who hosts the biggest comedy show in the country, affirmed that KBC was important in his career as it challenged him to be better.

"People who grew up watching the station in the '80s know there was so much to be proud of. The whole family could watch programs together without morality issues cropping up," he noted.

The comedian was responsible for the growth of over 70 other comedians in the country through his Churchill Live show that runs on NTV.

He also hosts the morning show on Classic 105FM with Maina Kageni, where he plays the character Mwalimu King'ang'i.


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