Joho Breaks Protocol for Raila During Mashujaa Celebrations

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho, on Sunday, October 20, decided to disregard official protocol during the Mashujaa day celebrations, in honour of former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga.

According to the official Mashujaa day itinerary, Joho was supposed to invite Deputy President William Ruto, who would then welcome President Uhuru Kenyatta, to address the public.

"Ali Hassan Joho makes brief remarks and invites the Deputy President to speak. The Deputy President speaks and welcomes his excellency the president to address the nation," read an excerpt of days official program.

However, the Mombasa governor - in his bid to defuse the situation, called on his party leader (Raila) to address the people, before ushering in DP Ruto.

Screen grab of a section of the Mashujaa day program, October 20, 2019

Joho's ingenious move averted what would have likely resulted in escalated tensions following the former Prime Minister's omission from the day's program.

The Mombasa governor, during his address, emphasised the crucial role his party leader played in convincing him to work with the government.

"Raila Odinga told me, kijana wangu, this country is greater than all of us, and today I want to thank you, my father, for that very important advise," he stated.

He went on to pledge his unconditional support for Uhuru's government and urged DP Ruto to embrace the spirit of the handshake.

" I am seeing the benefits of being in government and I'm planning and doing everything I can to stay in government and support Uhuru Kenyatta going forward," he announced.

ODM Party leader Raila addressing the public during the Mashujaa day celebrations in Mombasa, October 20, 2019