Raila's Joke That Left Crowd in Stitches During Mashujaa Day Celebrations [VIDEO]

  • AU Envoy Raila Odinga on Sunday, October 20 left a crowd in stitches at Mama Ngina Water Front in Mombasa where the Mashujaa day fete was being held.

    Speaking during the celebrations, Raila narrated the birth and death of the Swahili language leaving the crowd wild with laughter.

    The former Prime Minister began by flaunting his knowledge of the various Kiswahili dialects spoken in Kenya's coastal region before recounting the birth and painful death of Kiswahili in the nations that speak it.

    Rao speaking

    "Kiswahili was born in the Island known as Pate in Lamu and was later raised in Unguja later maturing in Tanzania," he began.

    The crowd that had congregated to celebrate Mashujaa day broke into laughter at this point visibly relating to the ODM leader's joke.

    "Afterwards it got sick in Kenya's mainland, then died in Uganda, later on being buried in Rwanda, and the mourning is currently ongoing in DRC Congo," he joked.

    As soon as he completed his remarks, there was prolonged laughter with loud cheers forcing Raila to give them a longer laughing break. 

    The crowd could relate to how poorly the language was spoken in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.

    He went on to add that the Kiswahili language was a common factor united the countries in Eastern Africa.

    He urged the President to ensure that the vision of having an East African Federation was realised but before that "improve Kenya's leadership, which was the true meaning of the handshake."

    "The purpose of the handshake is to unite all Kenyans without discrimination," he stated.

    A crowd gathered to celebrate Mashujaa Day in Mombasa on Sunday, October 20. Raila Odinga cracked up the crowd during the fete.

    Here's a video:

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