DCI Bust ATM Theft Syndicate Involving Bank Watchmen [VIDEO]

  • Directorate of Criminal Investigations detectives on Sunday, October 20 arrested Robert Mwaura Mwita in Thika whom they revealed was a suspect in various cases of mobile money fraud.

    Mwaura is said to have been working in collaboration with bank security guards who man the ATMs.

    Once the suspects had conned someone, the DCI theorised that he would send the withdrawal codes to the security guards who would then withdraw the cash and share it with him.

    The suspect after his arrest on Sunday, October 20

    The sleuths nabbed Mwaura after an assiduous operation claiming he was the mastermind of a scheme that saw Kenyans lose millions of shillings.

    After a watchman was captured on video withdrawing part of the loot associated with Mwaura, he was arrested and provided the police with information that led to Mwaura's arrest. 

    Further investigations showed that two guards, Stanley Nyakundi and Godfrey Masinde Simiyu had in the month of September alone sent Mwaura over Ksh2.2 million.

    "The suspects are in lawful custody and will be arraigned on Tuesday, October 22 to answer to appropriate charges," DCI tweeted.

    The announcement of these arrests sparked debate among the Kenyans online with some sharing their experiences in the hand of rogue bank watchmen that saw them lose thousands of shillings.

    Others were concerned that the government was considering arming the watchmen claiming that they would be the perpetrators of violent crimes.

    The watchman who was caught redhanded on Sunday, October 20 withdrawing money from the ATM

    "I recall some people wanted to arm security guards. If they can engage in such whilst unarmed, you need not be a rocket scientist to figure out what they can do while armed. Well done DCI. I rest my case," John Ogola weighed in.

    Several Kenyans identified the DCI department as one fo their Shujaas on Mashujaa Day owing to the many arrests that seemed to indicate improved competence at the department.