Mashujaa Day Camp Fire Leaves Police Officers in Agony [VIDEO]

  • Administration police officers in Nanyuki were on Sunday, October 20, left homeless after a fire razed down their houses as they attended the Mashujaa Day celebrations.

    In a video shared on Youtube, the officer in charge of the police camp told reporters that they received a phone call at around 1.30 p.m. alerting them that their camp was on fire.

    They rushed to the scene where the found firefighters who had been called to the rescue struggling with the inferno.

    Firefighters were eventually able to put out out the fire with the help of residents and the distraught officers, but not without many officers losing all their belongings.

    ​A screen grab of the officers ravaging through the ashes after the October 20 fire

    Most of the officers who resided in the razed houses were said to have been off duty and thus lost even their uniforms.

    The cause of the fire was yet to be established but the officer in charge of the camp stated that they suspected it must have been an electrical fault.

    "We suspect it was an issue with electricity, but we have not surely established the cause of the fire as no one was in their houses at that particular time," he stated.

    He further noted that they took longer to put out the fire due to the successive explosion of gas cylinders that kept reigniting the flames.

    A vehicle belonging to one of the officers was also consumed by the blaze.

    They called for urgent help from the government and well-wishers with most only being left with the clothes they had worn that day.

    Another officer Constable Moses Kariuki was on duty when he got the call and had to borrow a car to rush home as his wife's phone went unanswered.

    "I was at work when igot the call that the camp was on fire, I had to borrow a car and rush home as i could find m,y wife on the phone, " Kariuki stated.

    Despite losing all his bellongings, he was thankful to find his wife and child were okay.

    uring the interview, other officers were seen trying to ravage through the ashes searching for the little they could salvage.