Gov Nyong'o's Noble Gesture to Baby Pendo Backfires

  • On Sunday, October 20, Kisumu Governor Anyang' Nyong'o announced that a road in Kisumu would be renamed in memory of slain baby Samantha Pendo during the county's Mashujaa Day celebrations.

    The death of the six-month-old infant was directly attributed to the police brutality meted against Kisumu residents on August 15, 2017. Post-mortem reports indicated that she was suffered severe injuries to the head.

    However, his declaration irked many Kenyans who felt that the governor should have rather assisted the deceased's family to fight for justice.

    Joseph Abanja and Lancer Achieng, the parents of the late baby Samantha Pendo at Kisumu court during the final verdict in the inquest on February 14th 2018. (Photo: Courtesy)

     He stated that the Kachok Ring Road would be renamed Baby Pendo Road, in honour of the infant.

    "Baby Pendo is one of the unsung heroes we have. We honour her this day. It is for this reason that I declare Nyalenda Ring Road to the famous Kachok dumpsite be gazetted Baby Pendo Road," Ny'ong'o asserted.

    He further stated that a hero’s park would be built within the lake city town to commemorate all heroes and heroines.

    Her mother Lencer Achieng stated that she forgave the assailants of her helpless innocent child. However, the family was still seeking justice, with killers of the kid yet to be identified.

    “I have forgiven the officer who killed my baby, but no amount of justice will compensate her loss,” Achieng stated in an interview with The Standard in 2018.

    Kenyans on Twitter questioned the significance of Nyongo's gesture as compared to the family's quest for closure.

    "On this, I agree with our Governor. However, then the question of the other victims and survivors fate comes up," Boniface Akach argued.

    "Is this the real justice?" Mutichilo Mike wondered.

    Reactions to Governor Nyong'o's noble gesture to Baby Pendo who passed away on August 15, 2017
    Netizens react to Governor Nyong'o's declaration on Baby Pendo on  Sunday, October 20, 2019

    Video courtesy of TV 47.